Just when we thought the debate of isolate versus full-spectrum had died down in the CBD world, great companies create some intriguing isolate products that reignite the long-standing feud. Medterra is one such company. It specializes in creating CBD products that contain no THC because it uses CBD isolates. Here’s our Medterra CBD review (updated for 2023).

Medterra CBD

Medterra CBD

The commonly held, and proven, belief is that full-spectrum oils offer a greater benefit to overall health, and many companies have chosen to create products using the full-spectrum CBD hemp extract.

Clearly Medterra doesn’t care what most industry bigwigs are doing because this company seems determined to be a major player in the industry for people who would rather have products that have absolutely no THC in them.

The Quitnet team cannot be mad at that, but we will put them under the microscope to see what makes their CBD oil stand out from others doing the same thing.

Medterra CBD review

About Medterra CBD

Determined to build credibility quickly, Medterra combined its team’s background of industrial farming with a team whose field of expertise was quality control, vegetable genetics and compound extraction methodologies. They basically went and put together the essential parts needed to make a killer CBD oil company.

They have the experience and it shows because their hemp comes from Kentucky, one of the best places in the world to grow hemp and because they only use CBD hemp extract, their hemp strains have very high CBD concentrations.

Everything Medterra does is intentional and it comes through with the products they’ve created.

Our Medterra CBD review

The CBD oil tinctures made by Medterra use a pure CBD isolate (THC-free) and are available in three different strengths. Prices range from about $45 – $150.

  • 500mg – 16mg CBD per serving
  • 1,000mg – 33mg CBD per serving
  • 3,000mg – 100mg CBD per serving

The oils are just about clear with a bit of a murkiness to them, but this clear color lets you know that the oil has been filtered heavily to remove plant materials, waxes and any other unwanted compounds. This is a pure CBD oil.

You also won’t taste or smell anything when you consume Medterra’s tinctures. They are flavorless and odorless which is really good news for those who do not like the way hemp tastes or smells.

When it comes to how well this oil works, take a look at how much CBD is in each serving of their oils – it’s a massive amount. These oils are very powerful so it’s important to start low if this is your first time taking CBD oil, even if it’s for severe pain. Let your body adjust first become increasing the dosage.

Medterra CBD oil

These tinctures are seriously high quality oils. The 1,000 was more than capable of knocking out an Quitnet team member’s sudden, severe migraines each and every time. It took about 15-20 minutes for the pain to be gone entirely and he reported it was so freeing and relieving to know relief was on its way soon.

When used for anxiety, ADHD and joint pain, the oils worked but it wasn’t an immediate effect. After about a week the symptom relief became much more noticeable and users reported being very happy and even noticed better sleep patterns! Some people were finally getting to work on time, and the team couldn’t be happier.

CBD products by Medterra CBD

What we like about Medterra is that they offer a very decent product range without overdoing it. Everything they have on their site is really good and feels as if they only sell what they’ve perfected.

Here are a few other products they sell.

  • CBD Pain Cream: This is powerful stuff for more instant joint pain relief
  • CBD Gel Capsules
  • CBD Sleeping Pills: These are becoming more and more popular. The only thing we will say is make sure you are not sensitive to melatonin or talk to your doctor about proper dosages.
  • Med99 CBD Crystal Isolate: Whoa, this is some strong stuff with many uses

Medterra CBD review

Why Choose Medterra CBD?

  • Committed to Quality

Medterra not only sources their hemp from Kentucky, the company is a part of the Kentucky Hemp Pilot Research Program. This is some of the most strictly regulated hemp in the world, with some saying they have more restrictions than Scandinavia (which is saying something). They use the CO2 extraction process to product only the best hemp oil, and this is evident in all of their customer reviews.

Besides the program, Medterra is convinced Kentucky is the best place on the planet to grow non-GMO hemp citing the longer growing season and the enriched soil. That sounds great to us and seeing how well these isolate droppers work, Quitnet isn’t interested in arguing.

  • Transparency is a Priority

They have third-party lab testing by ProVerde which, as you should know by now, is considered one of the absolute best labs in the industry. The results are posted on the Medterra site for all to see.

Now what’s truly impressive is they actually give you a phone number to call – they actually encourage customers to engage with them! You’ll find their contact information and business hours (gasp!) as well. Show us another company that is willing to be that transparent – we’d give them our money too.

  • Loyalty Program

Medterra wants to be the only company you buy your CBD oil from. They realize there are many good products in this new market and locking down customers is tricky. Once you find that Medterra works for you, you can receive points – 1 point for every $1 spent – and redeem your points for $10 or $25 discounts. This is smart marketing combined with good customer service. Everybody wins.

  • Customer Satisfaction

Shipping is fast, they also ship to all 50 states and even internationally. They provide a real phone number where they can be reached and offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with their products.

Medterra CBD reviews

What Could Be Better?

  • Add a full spectrum tincture!

You knew we were going to harp on this. While there’s no denying the strength and power of Medterra’s CBD isolate tinctures, don’t completely isolate those who like full-spectrum oils. Their oil is just too good to limit customers.

  • More reviews are needed

We had a good experience with it, especially their CBD capsules, but it would be nice to see more trusted reviews about its effects on common medical conditions like sleeping, migraines, chronic pain, arthritis, etc. We are sure they’re coming soon though.

  • No internacional shipping

If you like in the UK, we recommend purchasing either from Blessed CBD or Vibes CBD.


Medterra feels refreshing right now. Even though we complain about the lack of a full-spectrum CBD tincture, seeing a company with so much conviction is a delight. It’s very easy to chase a profit and get one in this industry right now and their commitment to transparency is very impressive and appreciated.

Medterra CBD review

The CBD isolate tinctures do not contain any THC whatsoever so you can confidently use them with no worries and they are insanely strong and effective. While it’s true that no one CBD brand works for everyone, the fact that they give your money back greatly reduces any risk of giving them a try.

For those hoping for vape oils or edibles, Quitnet feels your pain, but at the same time, it’s usually a telling sign that a company cares about quality more than putting something on the shelf they don’t really have confidence in.

Medterra is hopefully going to be around for a long time setting the industry standard of how a CBD oil company should operate.