With an industry that is projected to be worth $22 billion in a few years, the number of people who are willing to sell poor quality products are easy to find. That’s the reason why Quitnet was started in the first place. We are dedicated to providing you with an honest, unbiased review of CBD brands to weed out the snake oil salesmen from brands actually interested in creating high-quality CBD oil. Enter Medix; a fairly new company that wants to change the perception of natural medicine. This company aims to show the world that you don’t have to use harsh, synthetic chemicals to feel better. Here’s our Medix CBD review (updated for 2024).

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Medix CBD

Medix is one of the newer brands in the CBD oil world and while they may be less known, they don’t intend to keep it that way. By having one of the widest product ranges, they are quickly making a name for themselves in the industry.

The Quitnet team is going to look at the kind of CBD oil Medix creates and see how they stack up against some of the best in the industry.

Before ever entering the marketing, this Florida-based company spent a number of years researching everything they could about CBD, which explains how they were able to offer so many products so quickly.

According to Medix, every ingredient used by the company is lab-tested, their facilities are clean and modern, they’ve streamlined their packaging system to serve customers 24 hours a day and they pledge to ship orders fast.

While most companies start their business and figure a lot of things out as they go, Medix took the time to work with other brands, learning from their successes and failures in order to alleviate the many growing pains first-time companies go through.

By learning first, before doing, Medix started off creating the best CBD products for the CBD market.

Our Medix CBD Oil Review

The first thing to note about all of the oils produced by Medix is that they are made with CBD isolate. That means that there is absolutely no THC in any of the CBD tinctures sold by Medix.

Medix CBD’s tinctures come in six different sizes and different strengths which means there are different concentrations of CBD in each bottle. There is only one flavor available, Natural.

  • 100mg: 6.66mg CBD per 1mL serving; 15 servings per bottle
  • 250mg: 16.66mg CBD per 1mL serving; 15 servings per bottle
  • 500mg: 16.66mg CBD per 1mL serving; 30 servings per bottle
  • 1000mg: 33.33mg CBD per 1mL serving; 30 servings per bottle
  • 1500mg: 50mg CBD per 1 mL serving; 30 servings per bottle
  • 4500mg: 37.5mg CBD per 1 mL serving; 120 servings per bottle

The prices of Medix CBD’s tinctures range from about $27 all the way up to $500.

It’s great to see more and more companies offering higher strengths of CBD tinctures and though the 250mg and 500mg work well for mild to moderate pain relief and even has been used as mood stabilizers, the effects tend to sneak up on you like many other oils. You don’t notice the benefits until they are happening or someone else is pointing them out.

Our team used the lower strengths for mild anxiety and insomnia and got good results. Things that normally caused certain team members anxiety didn’t. They found themselves feeling calm and more balanced.

The 1000mg and 4500mg were used to tackle chronic depression and anxiety and pain stemming from spinal issues. One dropper of the 4500mg – 37.5 mg of CBD was enough to treat symptoms the entire day when used for depression and anxiety with a team member and she reported feeling focused, happy and productive.

Medix CBD review

There is no peppermint or cinnamon flavor to mask the flavor, but some report how easy it is to swallow the oil as some oils are too thick and mucus like. Either way, expect to taste a very natural plant flavor.

Medix has created a powerful CBD oil in enough sizes to tackle the many different health goals individuals may have.

CBD products by Medix CBD

Some, if not most, of their other products are worth taking a look at:

  • CBD Vape Oil: Choose from Focus, Relax or Sleep. Each comes in 250mg and 500mg and are spoken of highly. They have been designed by Medix for the ultimate experience
  • CBD Edibles: Sour worm CBD gummies are a favorite, actually they all are loved and come in multiple dosages.
  • CBD Topicals/Lotion: 150mg and 300mg CBD pain creams help reduce pain and inflammation
  • CBD Oil for Dogs: Every oil is bacon flavored. Medix gets it.

Medix CBD reviews

Why Choose Medix CBD?

  • Chemical Free Raw Materials

It’s important to this company that they provide quality products. A part of that means making sure every ingredient is 100% pure. They test every ingredient before using it – now that’s working hard to maintain high standards.

  • Kentucky Grown Hemp

It seems like more and more companies are realizing just how good hemp oil produced in Kentucky is. That’s what happens when you do your homework. Farming conditions for hemp are some of the best in Kentucky.

  • Third-Party Lab Testing & Results

Until this industry has more regulation, it is important that companies believe in transparency. Medix is definitely committed, using ProVerde, one of the best known labs in the CBD industry. Lab results are also available on their site.

Medix CBD

  • Customer Service

Before they ever sold their first bottle of CBD oil, Medix was busy perfecting their service.

This is why their shipping is fast, they can handle any size order (they do wholesale), they process orders on a daily basis and they sincerely want customers to be happy.

They even provide a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee so that every customer walks away feeling supported and satisfied with their purchases and interactions.

  • Potency

Due to the use of CBD isolate, the concentration of CBD is higher making the tinctures capable of managing mild to severe and chronic pain with no problem.

What Could Be Better?

  • Add at least one flavor

Why must Quitnet keep yelling that “Natural” is not a flavor. We understand wanting to be all natural, but if Medix is selling gummies, they can at least give us one minty flavor that is still organic.

  • Add a full-spectrum option

The team over here at Quitnet sees and accepts the resurgence of CBD isolates but offering just one full-spectrum tincture would be nice.

It is pretty much common knowledge that full-spectrum CBD oils offer a number of benefits an isolate can’t. The entourage effect is a good thing!


Medix may be new, but by offering the best CBD products, they are impacting the world and are sticking to their mission of trying to change the minds and hearts of those who feel negatively about natural medicine. Their brand is unique, fun and is just what the industry needs.

Their tinctures are priced pretty reasonably and the higher strengths are able to provide fast, long lasting relief for a number of medical conditions.

Whether you’re easing into the CBD waters for the first time or are already in the deep in, you’ll enjoy at least something in the Medix CBD product line. They have a pure, clean and effective oil that will open many people up to the wonders of a natural alternative like CBD oil.

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