Joy Organics is a highly rated brand that was created at a time when quality CBD products were few and far between. Its initial mission of creating CBD that works is still their top priority and they do this by aiming to create the purest full-spectrum CBD products on the market that don’t break the bank. Joy Organics wants to be one of the most respected and recognizable brands in the CBD industry and each product they sell is designed to meet their high expectations of quality. Here’s our Joy Organics CBD review (updated for 2024).

Joy Organics CBD review

Joy Organics CBD

Joy Smith, the company’s namesake, suffered from insomnia and chronic pain but found that pharmaceutical drugs made no difference. After researching CBD, she was disappointed to find that only 1 out of 7 different CBD brands alleviated her pain.

She knew CBD wasn’t the problem. Poorly produced oil in an unregulated market was the culprit. Joy then dedicated herself to creating full spectrum oils that were the most organic, purest and most bioavailable offered on the market.

Joy Organics is a family-run business, but whatever image popped into your head about a small, quaint establishment is wrong. They deliver products to every part of the country, use the most advanced nanotechnology, offer the industry’s leading level of bioavailability and create a pharmaceutical-grade oil that contains no THC, gluten or harsh chemicals.

Joy Organics review

You’ll also find this company is a champion of transparency. They detail their 7 step production process on their site and provide extensive lab reporting. You can see batch results for each product, readily accessible on the official site.

The company is not shy about letting you know their process, the faces behind it and what they believe in. Simply incredible to us here at Quitnet.

Our Joy Organics CBD Review

Tinctures are available in four flavors: Tranquil Mint, Natural, Lemon and Orange, each 30ml tincture is offered in four sizes:

  • 250mg; 8.3mg CBD per serving
  • 500mg; 17mg CBD per serving
  • 1000mg; 33mg CBD per serving
  • 1500mg; 50mg CBD per serving

Prices start at about $35 and go up to about $135. The daily recommended serving is 1ml.

Depending on which flavor you purchase, there are will some of the following added ingredients: grade seed oil, stevia, peppermint oil, MCT oil, and orange essential oil.

We tried the 500mg and 1000mg tinctures and loved them both.

joy organics

Tranquil Mint was easily the favorite out of all of them, though the Natural hemp flavor was not bad at all. The minty flavor was refreshing without being overpowering.

The effects weren’t those of magic, but they were those of clarity and a lack of pain. While a lot of brands create CBD oil that makes you feel drowsy and sluggish, Joy Organics gave us an air of calm and a clearer sense of focus. For team members dealing with anxiety, this oil made them feel less anxious and they were able to enjoy activities that they usually couldn’t.

Joy Organics creates a very high-quality tincture.

Joy Organic’s CBD products

  • CBD Softgels

30 capsules are included in one bottle and you can choose from 300mg, which has 10mg per softgel, or 750mg, which contains 30mg per softgel. For those who want help sleeping, there is an option that contains Melatonin.

  • CBD Salve

Available in 500mg or 1000mg, you’ll get effective targeted relief from joint pain and inflammation. This salve contains beeswax, CBD and essential oils that soothe your skin and promote its health.

  • CBD Energy Drink

Sold in a 5-pack, use these when you’re in need of a natural energy boost and you need it fast.

  • Skincare Bundle

Take your pick from day cream, night cream, a face mask, eye serum or face serum.

Why choose Joy Organics?

  • The Joy Difference is real

Joy Organics truly shows its commitment to quality and customers by going above and beyond to give customers the highest quality products possible. They offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re unhappy with their product, but we doubt you will be.

  • Full-spectrum products without THC

This is still one of the more impressive things that only a few companies in the industry are capable of pulling off. Most full-spectrum oils contain at least some trace amounts of THC, only CBD isolates contain 0%. The advanced technology and processes at Joy Organics allow them to completely remove the THC cannabinoid while preserving the full spectrum of cannabinoids that give CBD oil users the entourage effect.

Now people who had sworn off full spectrum for fear of THC showing up in drug tests can safely use a full-spectrum oil.

In addition to that, their oil contains 112 cannabinoids – including CBD, CBG, CBDA and CBN – and a host of terpenes and flavonoids.

  • Their extraction method produces a superior product

Joy Organics really does boast some of the highest bioavailability in the industry. This means that you’ll get higher potencies, faster absorption into your body (providing faster relief) and most importantly, alternative medicine that is cost-effective.

The less you need to get the same results, the longer your oil will last. Joy Organics really puts the customer first.

  • Good shipping and return policies

Shipping is free with no strings attached. You don’t have to worry about purchasing a minimum amount or needing a discount code, Joy Organics uses USPS to deliver your products. The company ships to all 50 states and even has physical locations in Colorado, Texas, and Illinois. UK shipping isn’t available just yet (for consumers in the United Kingdom, we highly recommend Blessed CBD).

There’s also a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product, you can receive a full refund by contacting them.

What Could Be Better?

  • Products are a bit expensive

There’s no argument about whether or not Joy Organics is a premium brand. It most definitely is, but it can be pricey when compared to similar brands.

The team does believe that you get what you pay for, however, and the high bioavailability of their products means you shouldn’t have to purchase them as often as you would another brand.

We have no doubt that the brand is worth the asking price, but Quitnet can’t help but feel that it’s really a shame that everyone won’t be able to afford such amazing CBD products.

Joy Organics CBD review


Developed in an effort to offer a CBD product that consistently worked well, Joy Organics has accomplished that by making some of the best full spectrum cannabinoid products with the purest bioavailability on the market.

If you have had a similar experience as Joy, dealing with products that don’t work or don’t work consistently, Joy Organics is definitely for you. The quality of oils produced by this company is not up for debate; you can easily check their comprehensive analysis reports.

Joy Organics review

With a focus on quality and innovation, Joy Organics continues their goal to become one of the most well-respected and well-known brands throughout the cannabis industry.

In the humble opinion of the Quitnet team, what this small family-run operation has been able to accomplish has been awe-inspiring, and we have no doubt they will have no problem achieving their company goals.

If you can afford to give them a try, we think you’ll find little reason to keep looking for any other CBD brands.

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