CBD’s explosion into the mainstream has helped make natural medicine a real topic of conversation and has opened the eyes of many people suffering from various medical conditions. Unfortunately, the widespread popularity of CBD has also allowed a lot of companies to display predatory behavior. Often low-quality oils are sold for much more than they should be and sometimes the Quitnet team doubts some of these companies should be in the market at all. But what about Hope CBD in the UK? Here’s our Hope CBD review (updated for 2024).

Hope CBD review

Hope CBD

Unfortunately, the widespread popularity of CBD has also allowed a lot of companies to display predatory behavior. Often low quality oils are sold for much more than they should be and sometimes the Quitnet team doubts some of these companies should be in the market at all.

Then you hear about a company like Hope CBD, which starts off with an incredibly compelling story. The company produced a medicinal cannabis oil that was able to help a child overcome a medical condition, Episodic Ataxia Type 2, which caused migraines, developmental delays, vertigo and dyspraxia among other things.

Let’s take a look at Hope CBD; who they are, what they’re about and their place in an industry that is fighting to set better standards for its products and customers.


About Hope CBD

Based in Hamilton, Scotland, Hope CBD is a small company that was founded out of suffering.

After tirelessly searching for answers that could provide a family member suffering from fibromyalgia with some kind of pain relief, they came across CBD. They were immediately disappointed and frustrated, though, to find that finding quality CBD products was a real challenge, especially in the UK where the market had not yet reached its current popularity.

Hope CBD was then established to provide the UK people with high-quality CBD products. Their experience angered them because they felt the UK market deserved more than what they were being offered.

In fact, the company’s motto is that people deserve:

  • a better product
  • a better user experience
  • a safe and effective product
  • better service

All things Quitnet absolutely agrees with, and we love it when a company is fired up.

This also reminds us of Blessed CBD, another UK-based CBD brand, who also believe in creating superior quality CBD oil for their customers (Blessed CBD were voted #1 in our best CBD oil in the UK buyer’s guide).

Our Hope CBD Review

You’ll find their tinctures in 2 sizes, ranging from £30 to £120.

  • 300mg: Available in 20ml bottle; 15mg CBD per ml
  • 2000mg: Available in 10ml; 200mg CBD per ml

There’s a huge difference between the concentrations. One drop of the 2000mg contains 10mg of CBD alone so this one is ideal for those who are dealing with chronic pain.

Both oils are made using a supercritical CO2 extraction process and organic hemp. The tinctures are full spectrum, containing small amounts of CBC, CBG and THC, and contain no pesticides or additives. The strong herbal taste is potent but not bad. It is also mixed with MCT oil, which is quickly becoming the standard because it improves bioavailability.

For mild to moderate pain, taking a 100mg may seem like a lot but for those who suffer from chronic pain (like a Quitnet team member), it was just enough. After holding under the tongue for about 60 seconds before swallowing, in a short time there were noticeable effects and the pain had subsided.

Hope CBD also has an Advantage Plus tincture that is peppermint flavored. It is available in 200mg and 400mg. This oil is pretty similar to the others.

CBD products by Hope CBD

This company has a large selection of products, including CBD teas which are very fitting considering the location.

  • E-liquids
  • Teas
  • Edibles
  • Skincare

Hope CBD review

Why Choose Hope CBD?

  • Dedication to customer education about CBD

There’s nothing better than a company with a mission that shines brightly through everything that they do. Hope CBD is one such company.

Their website is full of important that gives customers the confidence to purchase and use CBD, especially information on the confusing legal status of hemp and CBD in the UK. To have this information in one place that is easily accessible does customers a big favor.

  • High quality full spectrum CBD oil

Every product sold by Hope CBD is certified by Servicio Certification CAAE, Europe’s governing body for agriculture. Extracts are independently tested for cannabinoid content and to ensure that no herbicides, pesticides or artificial fertilizers have found their way into the oil. Their focus on quality control is superior.

  • Better customer service

Hope CBD has let it be known that they did not care for the customer service they experienced and believe they can do better. This is easy to see throughout their site. You’ll find a phone number, email address, and a live chat option on the site. Better than that, you can visit the actual shop and talk to them in person.

  • Free shipping

Most companies require that you spend a minimum amount of money before earning free shipping, but when Hope CBD says better, they surely mean it. Any order ships for free with a no rush 2-4 delivery. If you want expedited shipping, you pay £4.50 and any order over £100 qualifies for free next day delivery. Just the detailing of their shipping policies puts a smile on our team’s face.

What Could Be Better?

  • Larger selection of bottle sizes or potencies

Though the 2000mg tincture is incredibly effective for chronic pain, its tiny size of 10ml means that it only has 20 servings if you are taking 100mg a day – something that people suffering from severe and chronic pain may need. This would get expensive fast.

Having a larger bottle size half the concentration in a larger bottle would be helpful to a lot of people in need.

  • More product information on the site

For a company with such an incredible presence in Scotland, we find it odd that Hope CBD’s website has an incomplete feeling to it. The site seems to lack fundamental pieces of information that customers need to make informed purchases. There is more information for certain products than others and it is hard to distinguish what makes some of the tinctures different. This is doubly odd when their main goal is to make customers feel more confident in buying products. The Quitnet team just might not get it.

  • Lack of lab reports

This goes into the unfinished site, we hope, but the company also has a lab results tab that is posted on the site, but the tab contains no content. They say their products are tested and our team hopes these will be up soon and are just part of the finishing touches that still need to be completed. The brand is a respected one, so we are giving them the benefit of the doubt.

Hope CBD reviews


At the end of the day, our team is pretty thrilled at Hope CBD’s entry to the cannabis market. They sell unique CBD products, like their tea and edible, and make a high quality CBD oil. Though basic information on both flagship and exclusive products need some work, Hope CBD is pushing the limits of how CBD products are made and giving their customers new experiences.

They may be a small company, but they obviously know how to dream big. Their dedicated customer base is all you need to see to understand that they’ve managed to tap into something special – third party reviews don’t lie.

The oils are high quality and worth trying, especially the 2000mg which is extremely potent. The products are effective and, for the most part, offer a good value for your money. If you live in the UK or Europe and are tired of having oils that are not up to par, Hope CBD believes you deserve better and certainly offer products that are reliable, safe and deliver symptom relief.