If there was ever a CBD lifestyle brand for millennials, Hemp Bombs is it. They have a very active social media presence, and they genuinely enjoy engaging with their customer base. They also happen to make a pretty good CBD oil. Quitnet is always a bit sceptical of a brand that has such a wide range of different products, as is the case with Hemp Bombs, but they are a good company that is bringing much positive attention to the industry with their unique style and product range. Here’s our Hemp Bombs CBD oil review (updated for 2023).

Hemp Bombs CBDHemp Bombs CBD

This Florida-based company has a playful spirit and a lightheartedness to them that can make you think they aren’t serious about their products, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Hemp Bombs are deeply involved in every step of the creation of their CBD oil. Every part of the process, except the hemp planting and cultivation, is done right at their Tampa Bay location. You know immediately they are not a private labeler and are the actual manufacturer of their oil.

Their hemp is sourced from Scandinavian farms, which are some of the best in the world. This hemp produces CBD extract that is clean, pure and strong. They have a number of products that are interesting and effective but their oil is a highlight.

Though it’s common for most brands to make full-spectrum oils, a unique feature of Hemp Bombs is that every product is made using CBD isolate.

Above all else, Hemp Bombs pays close attention to details. They use their site to educate consumers on the nuances of healthy CBD regimens and also create products that target specific issues, providing customers with greater confidence when purchasing.

Hemp Bombs review

Our Hemp Bombs CBD Oil Review

If their oil was no good, all the quirkiness in the world wouldn’t make Hemp Bombs matter, but their CBD oil has been used to effectively treat anxiety, depression and severe chronic pain.

The oils, as mentioned earlier, are made from CBD isolates so they really pack a punch. The Quitnet team usually prefers the full-spectrum oil, but it’s hard to deny the results of this oil. Those who suffer from severe pain due to surgery or past injury have had a great amount of success (and pain relief) using Hemp Bombs CBD oil.

Hemp Bombs knows how people (like the Quitnet team) feel about not having isolates, and they did something about it. They teamed up with nutritionists to figure out the best herbal botanical combinations they could use and infuse with their CBD isolate to provide synergistic benefits.

It’s not the same as having a full-spectrum oil, but this company’s dedication to their customers and quality is simply astonishing.

There’s no need to doubt whether or not their oils work. There are 66.6 mg of CBD in one serving of the 4,000mg tincture (30mL) and a half dropper is the serving size. That means there is 130 mg of CBD 1 mL of this tincture! That kind of dosage is more than enough to provide prompt, long-lasting relief. You won’t find that kind of dosage anywhere else on the market.

One bottle can last two months or longer depending on your pain relief. A Quitnet team member used some for her anxiety, just dropping three or four drops on her tongue and reported feeling substantially better within a few hours. Within a few weeks, she was sleeping better and longer.

Hemp Bombs CBD oil review

Hemp Bombs oil is available in Peppermint and Watermelon and five different strengths:

  • 300mg; approximately $50
  • 600mg; approximately $75
  • 1,000mg; approximately $100
  • 2,000mg; approximately $170
  • 4,000mg; approximately $300

Hemp Bombs sells many more products that just oil, so much in fact, there’s no way we can tackle them all fairly in this review so we’ll have to try more products out and review them for you at a later date. If it’s your first time trying CBD, we suggest going with the oils.

In the meantime, you should head over there to see everything they offer.

Why Choose Hemp Bombs CBD?

  • Scandinavian Hemp

It’s uncommon to hear about US companies sourcing their hemp from Europe, but this is actually a really good thing. Europe has some of the strictest regulations in the world when it comes to hemp farming and their hemp is often purer, cleaner and more potent that American-grown hemp. It is arguably some of the finest hemp available. No wonder the UK’s best CBD oil brands like Blessed CBD source their hemp from farms in Europe.

  • Third Party Lab Testing

Hemp Bombs is definitely a company that believes in transparency. Not only are their products sent to an independent lab for testing, each product has results on the website. You can easily see the exact amount of CBD the 300mg tincture or the gummies have, for instance.

  • Maximum Strength Relief

Typically you need higher strength oils for more effective treatment. Due to Hemp Bombs using CBD isolates, however, each bottle is able to give you better results. They also offer high potency options perfect for those who suffer from severe and chronic pain.

  • THC Free Isolate Offerings

The use of isolates means you don’t have to worry about trace amounts of THC showing up on any drug tests, which have been known to show up when taking very high dosages of full-spectrum oils.

If routine drug tests are a normal part of your job or an upcoming drug screening has you feeling extra cautious, Hemp Bombs products contain absolutely no THC. They now also offer broad spectrum options.

  • Product Range

One of the great things about Hemp Bombs is that their product line doesn’t just feel like a grab for your money. They have some interesting products that are designed to aid specific issues or are direct alternatives. Take their vape oils for example; they come in such high concentrations that you can use them to replace cigarettes if you smoke for anxiety. The vape pen honestly work wonders.

The CBD Relaxation Syrup alone is an absolutely genius product that really works for people who cannot stomach the taste of CBD or want a more discrete way of taking it.

Hemp Bombs CBD

  • Full Transparency

Third party testing is done on their products and results are available on the site for each and every product. What’s even better than knowing the content of your CBD product? Knowing the company will admit when they fall short.

Hemp Bombs does an amazing job at telling its customers what it can and cannot guarantee.

Although organic hemp is used (and testing shows it’s clean), they can’t guarantee every product is vegan, organic or gluten-free due to gelatin present in their edible CBD gummies. The gelatin most likely contains animal products and they are upfront about that. If a company is willing to sacrifice profits for honesty, Quitnet is 100% in support of that kind of integrity.

What Could Be Better?

  • Product Overwhelm

Seeing the large amount of products offered on the Hemp Bombs official site turns every adult into a kid in a candy store, but it also makes people think they must know exactly how the product works and what it’s best for. The product range is innovative and interesting, but it makes you long for a one-size-fits-all product too. From high-quality CBD capsules to vaping products, CBD syrup, gummy bears and CBD e-liquid, Hemp Bombs has it all.

It would really be great to be able to view products by their intended effects or based on how customers get the most out of them. Some kind of product mapping would make it easier on customers.

  • No Full Spectrum

It’s strange to our team that they do not create a single product using full-spectrum hemp extract. This means their products don’t offer the entourage effect – the amplified effects of multiple hemp compounds (not just CBD), terpenes, amino acids and beneficial flavonoids.


Fun, innovative and most importantly effective, Hemp Bombs is a company doing everything right. Bucking the trend of full-spectrum oils hasn’t slowed them down and may even make people remember just how well isolates work.

Hemp Bombs

With potent oils, free shipping and a money back guarantee, it’s hard not to want to try a couple of their products out, but especially the CBD oils. They provide max symptom relief, are safe and are priced fairly for the quality.

Hemp Bombs is definitely worth a look. And that brings us to the end of this Hemp Bombs review.