It is getting harder and harder to complain about the amount of awful CBD oils that exist on the market when so many great companies are providing wonderful value to the industry. You will often hear us talk about how “you get what you pay for” when it comes to CBD oils, and they typically don’t come cheap. The Quitnet team is made up of sceptics who love scepticism so we doubt all too-good-to-be-true companies, products, deals, etc. But, CBDistillery has left us speechless. This is our CBDistillery review (updated for 2024).

cbdistillery review


CBDistillery Review

CBDistillery (also known as ‘The CBDistillery’ or The CBD Distillery’  is a company that believes the highest grade ingredients can be used and premium oils can be created at affordable prices for all. Doesn’t that kind of make you believe in something more?

You could have guessed that Colorado natives were behind this company. Holding a strong belief that every person has a right to fairly priced CBD, CBDistillery offers a wide range of quirky products and CBD isolates with full-spectrum hemp oil.

More than just words, this company is about taking action. They are intent on bringing CBD to a mainstream population (they have their own Twitter hashtag) and educating people on the many benefits of CBD.

Product Overview

CBDistillery produces a full spectrum of oil that is worthy of your attention. Made with no fancy filters or multifunctional vaping and sublingual oil, they offer five options at some of the most affordable price points (found below).

The 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg are available in 15ml bottles and the 2500 and 5000mg are available in 30ml bottles.

CBDistillery tinctures should be held under your tongue for 90 seconds before swallowing. The results or effects you’re looking for and what you’re using the CBD oil to treat will determine your dosage.

All-natural, you’ll only find coconut oil and hemp extract in this oil. With that in mind, expect it to taste like hemp oil. There is really no need to say much more. You will be okay with the taste or not, but it is not gag-inducing or terrible by any means. If you happen to find the taste insufferable, add a couple of drops to food or drinks. It will not change the flavor of anything it’s added to.

Here are the various price points for CBDistillery’s products:

  • 250mg: $20
  • 500mg: $35
  • 1000mg: $60
  • 2500mg: $130
  • 5000mg: $240

Everything starts from the ground up.

Hemp is unique in the plant world in that it sucks up and retains both the toxins and nutrients from the soil around it. The quality of the oil extracted from the plant will reflect the quality of the earth in which it was grown.

Needless to say, companies that use the best hemp plants, grown in healthy nutrient-rich soil typically are also making some pretty good oil.

This is very literal when it comes to creating the premium full-spectrum oil, which is why CBDistillery grows their hemp in the best, most natural environment: outdoors soaking up the natural sunlight. That means it’s GMO and pesticide-free, so none will be found on their hemp and it is safe for human consumption.

CBDistillery products are not THC-free, but they do have less than the legal 0.3% THC so there’s no chance of failing a drug test or getting high from consuming the oil.

Ideal for beginners or those with chronic pain, Quitnet welcomes this CBD oil in our medicine cabinet.

Why Choose CBDistillery?

No doubt a great product to try if you’re looking for full spectrum tinctures that don’t break the bank, it’s transparent and works very well. CBDistillery’s CBD oil checks all the boxes, but the company is more than just a product. It is working to be an agent of change in the industry, and that’s really why you can trust them.

We’ve broken down our CBDistillery review into 2 parts – first we’ll talk about the positives, and then we’ll discuss what we think could be improved.


  • Excellent Value

Live by the motto “when you stay ready, you never have to get ready”? If so, this CBD oil is going to be your best friend. The 30ml bottle is larger (almost double) than other brands and is more effective.

The larger the bottle, the more value you are getting. This is not something you’re going to fly through. If you want to keep something on your person at all times for fast relief, this bottle is more than ready for the journey.

  • Coconut Oil

CBDistillery is a very science-focused company. They know the best methods of production and their use of coconut oil instead of vegetable glycerin makes this particular brand stand out.

In order for CBD to be absorbed into your body, it needs a fatty oil to help it along its way and coconut oil is the best fatty oil for the job. The combination of CBD and coconut oil is the reason for its characteristic of fast-acting relief.

They are not using regular coconut oil. Read that label closely, they are using fractionated coconut oil (MCT oil). And before you ask, yes, it’s a big deal.

MCT refers to the molecule construction of the oil and is found in coconut oil, butter, palm oil, and cheese to name a few things. So all MCT oils are not the same, and coconut oil is regarded as the best.

The purest forms use the method of fractionation to separate the fatty acids and manufacture the refined MCT oil. This process makes it easier to absorb the oil and use the fat for energy which explains why so many people felt a lifting of fog from their brains very quickly.

But enough of the chemistry lesson. What’s important here is that using MCT oil is a sign that the company is using high-quality ingredients and man, they are on top of their CBD oil knowledge.

The idea that this company manufactures a premium oil at this price is astonishing.

cbdistillery review 2021

  • Strong Potency

With the 30ml bottle in hand, you have a powerful CBD oil tincture that will be there when you are in dire need. This bottle is twice the size of most others and packs twice the punch. This product is an excellent value if you want to keep something extra on hand for fast relief.

It is also extremely potent. At 5000mg, this 30ml full spectrum CBD oil, in particular, is STRONG (touting a 19% dose!) and ready when you need another dose fast. Plus, being full spectrum products gives you a wide range of other cannabinoids and terpenes, for the all-important entourage effect. We are pretty sure this one would last you weeks, if not longer.

  • Fast Relief

If your pain pops in and out spontaneously, always surprising you, consider CBDistillery’s fast-acting oil. This CBD oil packs a wicked punch, with many people feeling their symptoms lessen within minutes of ingesting the oil. We haven’t seen these sort of results since we tried Vibes CBD in the UK.

It can be frustrating to know when to take medicine since you’re never sure when you will be in pain and taking medicine just to keep it in your body, as a preemptive attempt of sorts, may not be the way you want to manage your pain.

This CBD oil tincture’s quick release can help you. Just make sure you place it under your tongue with the dropper and hold it under your tongue for the amount of time directed.

  • Effectiveness

It works fast, but this oil also works well.

Those using it for anxiety and stress will feel their muscles relax, chest tension dissipate and experience an uptick in focus almost immediately. This makes it great for night time use. It’s also a heavy favourite with those managing tinnitus.

If you are using CBD oil for similar reasons, such as relaxation and anxiety, start with the 15ml bottles or with smaller dosages. If you suffer from more chronic pain, the 30ml bottle in 2500 mg or 5000 mg of CBD will not disappoint.

  • No Artificial Flavors

This oil is all-natural guys! There are only two ingredients listed: hemp extract and MCT coconut oil (MCT oil on the label). You don’t have to worry about not being able to pronounce an ingredient or artificial flavourings.

Your body maintains its balance and you are left with nothing but results.

  • Third-Party Lab Testing

All CBD companies are posting their lab results on their websites and CBDistillery is no different. What is different is they also put their test results on the label of each item they sell.

You no longer have to look around on their site for the information, it’s printed right on the label and shows: THC levels, batch number and the amount of hemp per serving. It truly goes a long way to building consumer trust through transparency.

To report on every single product sold and add it to their labelling shows a true dedication to their customer and their strong belief of high quality. It really is admirable.

  • Real Customer Reviews

This is a delicate situation, so we’ll do our best to be delicate.

When buying CBD oil on a company’s official site, you may notice something strange: only positive product reviews. Very odd not one person had something negative to say…

This common occurrence (even with companies that have good products!) has led to many review sites popping up that give voice to dissatisfied customers that may feel snubbed. We all know some bad reviews may be fake, but we also know that there is no way every single customer has had a positive experience with a company and its oil.

CBDistillery has negative reviews. We’re talking 1-star reviews that they let you filter and read. Per product. There’s something comforting about a company that accepts its flaws instead of trying to hide them.

This is transparency on another level. This is a true dedication to honouring the customer and taking responsibility for their product and services. Quitnet is mightily impressed. This is the sort of customer service we expect from a premium and high-quality CBD brand.


  • Commitment

CBDistillery is a member of the National Hemp Association (NHA). This counts for much more than your high school’s National Honor Society. Working in an industry that could use a bit more regulation means dealing with minimal rules and companies saying a lot while doing a lot less.

To register with an organization that holds you accountable because you believe you should be held accountable speaks volumes. The NHA supports standardization in CBD products and the hemp that is used to create it.

These folks care about transparency, fair pricing, high-quality sourcing, the list goes on. It’s hard to know if a company really cares sometimes but in this case, CBDistillery’s actions speak far louder than their words.

  • Visibility

Many companies have an ‘about us’ page or some details about where the brand was started but there’s typically less information that’s not presented. In fact, many details on personnel are downright unsatisfying, leaving an uneasy feeling in the stomach.

While this group of Colorado natives follow suit, they do have a pretty active Facebook page (with almost 13K followers), that put us at ease. CBDistillery itself is active on its own page, posting multiple time a day.

They open themselves up to the public. Getting in touch with them is no problem. This is another reason why there are so many positive CBDistillery reviews online.

  • Veterans Discount

Veterans are restricted access to CBD oil products due to the policies of the Veterans Administration. They are some of the people that need these products the most but have to pay completely out of pocket.

CBDistillery gives vets the chance to experience their products which are already affordable but with a 10% discount, hopefully, even more veterans will be able to introduce CBD oils into the day-to-day management of their health.

No surprise here right? Good people do good things. CBDistillery is good people.

cbdistillery veterans discount

  • Unique Product Range

Sometimes a company is doing such spectacular things, it’s hard not to talk about them even when you shouldn’t, but the unique product offerings of this company are hard to ignore.


More and more companies are creating oils for your pets but how many companies are as progressive to create pet products like suppositories?

Wait, come back! Just give us a quick listen, there’s a method to the madness here.

CBDistillery knows your body has higher absorption rates in this area and medicine does not lose any of its potency (as it does when taken orally).

At this point, you should know the Quitnet team is a sucker for unique products backed by science! We aren’t saying try the suppository, just that any company creating a product like that truly has your intentions in mind. They also produce other CBD products for pain relief, etc, such as pure CBD vape pens, vape cartridges, e-liquids, disposable vape pens and other vape products. On top of this, they have a range of pet tinctures, CBD gummies, pure isolate powders, as well as CBD capsules, softgels and other, more esoteric products like CBD topicals, skincare salves and lip balm.

And to top it all off, they even provide free shipping on orders.

We’ve shown you all the wonderful features of CBDistillery, but we also need to look at the areas that need improvement. The issues Quitnet has with this CBD oil are few and far between, but they exist nonetheless.

What Could Be Better?

  • Colour

We have to cover this one because everyone knows that the colour of the oil is typically indicative of its purity and quality levels.

When a CBD oil is clear and colourless, that is an indicator that its purity levels are off the charts. You know quality is very high and most of the unwanted substances (everything that’s not CBD) is nowhere to be found. CBDistillery produces an oil that is not clear. It is not close to being clear.

If you are someone who must have the highest of high-quality products, the colour will turn you off immediately. It comes in a clear bottle, so you can see the colour very clearly.

This is the thing that Quitnet respects about CBDistillery. It’s not the purest oil on the market (they could have easily tried to hide behind a dark brown bottle) but they are still rated as one of the highest quality and most trusted brands in the industry.

  • Not For The Most Severe Pain

So there can be no misinterpretations, CBDistillery has a great product. For the price you’re paying, we dare you to find a CBD oil as good theirs. You’ll be searching for hours.

You feel the ‘but’ coming right?

There’s a tradeoff. If you have moderate aches and pains, headaches, anxiety, stressful day to day dealings at work or if you are curious if CBD oils can have a positive effect in your life, start with this oil from CBDistillery.

However, if you have a more serious condition, suffer from severe pain or severe chronic pain, you will be better off spending the money on a higher grade product.

  • Unknown Extraction Method

We may know how their hemp is grown, but unfortunately, we have no idea how the oil is extracted. There are various extraction methods, and some are better than others.

Knowing how the plant was handled before it was processed can signify the presence of residual, unwanted substances or how the oil was filtered. The point is we don’t know and we should.

  • Hemp Sourcing

It’s important to note that CBDistillery’s hemp is non-GMO with no pesticides but the location their hemp comes from remains a mystery. It would also be nice to know whether the hemp they use for their product lines is organic or something more like industrial hemp.

The lab results let us know the oil is good; where CBDistillery sources its hemp from is a more minor concern when the company is transparent in so many other ways. It’s still something that rubbed the Quitnet team the wrong way.

  • Administering Drops

When you use this oil, you will notice you are directed to hold it under the tongue for 90-120 seconds. Most oils only need to be held under the tongue for about 15-30 seconds.

Considering there are a lot of people who find two minutes is too long to brush their teeth, we thought we would include this little bit of info in case someone finds it useful.

90 seconds is a small price to pay for a product this good, but as we all know, it’s the smallest of things that can make or break our decisions to buy a product.


We don’t exactly know if what CBDistillery is doing counts as a disruption but it sure feels like it. In a crowded market of high-quality oils and hefty price tags, CBDistillery has found a place in the upper tier.

As mentioned in our CBDistillery review, thanks to its high standards, uncompromising mission, next-level transparency, and outstanding products, it is giving hope to people who need CBD oils that work but do not break their bank accounts. No one should have to choose medicine (alternative or otherwise) over another necessity. It should be affordable.

cbdistillery review 2021

While not perfect, it has found a way to create an affordable CBD tincture that is truly one of the best in its purity, effectiveness, and strength. CBDistillery could provide more transparency surrounding its hemp sourcing and extraction methods, but the resulting oil produced makes it hard to harp on those issues for too long.

Available in a nice range of strengths, you can find the dosage you need rather easily. Blended with MCT coconut oil, expect to feel the oil go to work quickly. Some find that the 15ml bottles are not as potent, but the 30ml is worth more than the asking price. You will have to experiment with dosages either way so this is not a true concern, each person is different.

Trustworthy and firmly in the corner of the customer, we hope other companies are taking notice of this amazing company and the products it produces.

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