CBD oil is gaining in popularity in the cannabis industry, mainly because of how easy it is to get and how effective it is for taking care of a variety of ailments and health issues. Research is starting to show just how many benefits it has for the human body and, as time goes on, it’s not surprising that people from all over the country are looking for legal ways to obtain CBD oil. In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about buying CBD oil in Maine.

CBD oil Maine

CBD oil in Maine

CBD oil is made from cannabis plants – specifically, hemp and/or marijuana. The compound is actually named cannabidiol, and it occurs naturally in hemp and marijuana plants. CBD oil has been utilized as a medical option for thousands of years, and only recently has modern medicine started to see how much of a difference it can make for individuals with a variety of health care needs and concerns. 

CBD is actually a safe substance with little to no side effects, and it is also non-addictive, which makes it a very appealing option when it comes to dealing with pain management. Many people are seeking out the benefits of cannabis without the high from THC, and that can be found when you use CBD oil that has been made using hemp rather than marijuana. 

The hemp plant, which is also in the cannabis family, has much, much less THC than the marijuana plant does and, as a result, CBD oil can be extracted with next to no THC in it. This therapeutic compound has been used for a variety of health issues, including anxiety, chronic pain, arthritis, neurological disorders, depression, metabolic syndromes, and more.

If you live in Maine and would like to try CBD, this post is for you.

Due to poor quality products appearing on store shelves, we no longer recommend buying CBD oil from local shops in Maine.

For the best quality, we strongly suggest buying from our recommended CBD brands below.

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Is CBD oil legal in Maine?

Thankfully, CBD oil from the hemp plant is actually legal in all states, due to how little THC (the compound in marijuana that causes people to feel “high”) is in the plant. The nationwide legalization of hemp-based CBD occurred at the end of 2018, and it has made it that much easier for people to obtain access to the best CBD oil. 

If you live in the great state of Maine, then you are also able to get CBD oil that is from the marijuana plant. Their law, the Maine Marijuana Legalization Act, was passed in late 2016 and allows for marijuana to be purchased throughout the entire state. As a result, there are a variety of options available so that you can get the best and most effective CBD oil for your needs. 

Finding the best CBD oil in Maine

If you’re purchasing your CBD oil in Maine and you want to support local businesses, there are more options than ever due to the legalization of the marijuana plant.

Even though you’ll find more reliable products on the web (including our 5 favorite CBD brands), you can also check out some of the local CBD stores in Maine.

When you search for CBD oil products online or in your local store, you will find that they come in a number of different options. For example, CBD oil-infused balms and tinctures are popular when it comes to topical options for skin-care or muscle pain. Then, you can also find edibles and capsules, which allow you to ingest CBD oil much more easily.

And, obviously, you can just get straight CBD oil so that you can use it in any of those ways as well.

Take the time to learn about the companies and places that you may get your CBD oil. Many resources that offer CBD oils online will often give you amazing prices; you’re usually able to find a variety of deals including wholesale prices and free delivery.

Buying CBD oil locally in Maine

This is in no way a conclusive list – these are just 6 out of many, many stores and dispensaries that you can find throughout the state of Maine, and new ones are opening all of the time. 

As mentioned, we at Quitnet feel that online retailers for CBD are much more reliable, but you can always ask the professionals at your local shop in order to get information related to the CBD oil that you are looking to purchase.

Store Name Store Address
Coastal Fog Vapors 52 Maine St 2nd Fl, Brunswick, ME 04011
Empire Vape Shop 251 Main St, Waterville, ME 04901
Herbal Tea & Tobacco 669 Hogan Rd, Bangor, ME 04401
Homegrown Healthcare of Maine LLC 662 Stanley Rd, Unit #2, Winthrop, ME 04364
Lucky Juju Smokes Vape Shop 28 Market St, Portland, ME 04101
REMEDY Compassion Center (also called Cureleaf) 730 Center St, Auburn, ME 04210
Stone Coast Cannabis 220 Bath Rd, Brunswick, ME 04011


Buying CBD oil in Maine is likely an easier option than purchasing it in other states, allowing consumers a lot of flexibility and choice in regards to how they may want to purchase CBD oil in the first place. And, as the demand for CBD oil and related products increases, more stores will likely open up.

You want to be sure that you do some research before buying from a local store, as the oil may be much lower quality than what you’re able to find when you purchase CBD oil made by a reputable brand from online sources. 

As a result, it’s more often a good idea to consider online options due to their reputation and because of the fact that you can often obtain the products for much lower costs. Many CBD oil manufacturers have nationwide shipping available for their customers, making it simple and affordable for anyone from Maine (and around the rest of the United States) to get the CBD products they need in order to live a healthy lifestyle.

CBD oil Maine