CBD is a conversation starter in the UK. There are so many differing opinions about the best CBD oil, the strongest one, or the one that has the cheapest deal for so-so effectiveness. This popular health supplement has taken everyone by storm, not just the lifestyle and fitness subset. A brand that is quickly proving exceptionally popular with UK consumers is Blessed CBD – a family run company that is determined to give their customers the very best CBD products. Here’s our Blessed CBD review.

The UK’s CBD industry

CBD has very real benefits but not everyone has access to them. This is because the UK’s CBD industry has not yet been standardized, meaning lots of companies are able to slap a label on a bottle, call it CBD oil and then charge whatever they want.

These companies may also use dangerous extraction practices that leave toxic substances behind in their oil, but without anyone to regulate them or hold them accountable, they continue to make money.

At the moment, the UK is being flooded with low-quality products and companies are using their marketing prowess to tell customers what to think and feel. Sorry to tell them, but an ad in a fitness paper doesn’t make your product worth buying.

Just when it felt like all would be lost, Blessed CBD entered the market with a thirst to prove itself, shine some positive light on CBD oil and make an effective oil capable of actually providing the benefits that CBD promises.

Blessed CBD review

Blessed CBD’s roots are very short and thin, having launched in early 2019. What they lack in being an established brand name, they make up for with a killer range of CBD products.

Their hemp comes from Colorado. It is one of the absolute best places on earth to grow hemp – the growing season, soil and regulations all combine into the perfect situation to make fantastic hemp. Not only does their hemp come from a trustworthy and reputable location, they use proprietary strains that have very high amounts of CBD in them. Their hemp is specially cultivated to be super-potent.

There are three concentrations of oil to choose from (500mg, 1000mg, 1800mg) and all of them are full spectrum. A full-spectrum oil is one that has more than just CBD. It contains other cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, and a range of terpenes and flavonoids – all super beneficial at helping with any symptoms you’re dealing with.

Blessed CBDWhen all of them work together, it’s called the entourage effect. It’s an enhanced effect that CBD alone cannot provide and it is something most CBD oil users have come to expect from a high quality brand.

In terms of strength and potency, there’s nothing quite like Blessed CBD’s oil. It’s so unassuming and many other brands produce far higher concentrations. This company clearly has some secret formula because even the lowest concentration still punches a pack and can be used for mild pain relief.

The 1000mg is strong enough to handle sudden and severe pain, providing relief quickly and for a long time before another dose is needed, though that depends on the particular medical conditions you are dealing with, of course. Remember, CBD is not a “cure-all”.

It’s an all-around great CBD oil, which explains why more and more UK residents are finding out about it and why the waitlist for it is getting longer to buy it.


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Why choose Blessed CBD?

  • Consistent quality and effectiveness

If this CBD oil alleviates your symptoms the first time, it will still alleviate them the 10th and 15th time too. The company painstakingly produces the oil in small batches, ensuring every detail or their production process is perfect. It is another reason a waitlist exists, but it’s also a big part of why their oil is so good.

  • Free next-day shipping

Don’t you dare say you don’t care about free shipping! They even offer free next day shipping to anyone living in the UK, no matter the size of the order. Pretty amazing stuff.

  • Dedication to CBD education

They really do take CBD seriously and it shows when you visit their site. The passion for and belief in CBD can be felt almost instantly. Blessed CBD seems to have a true vision and are walking the walk.

  • Third-party lab testing

Their site posts lab reports on the batches they’ve produced. You’ll know the content of every bottle, as their transparency is off the charts.

  • Money saver

Because their CBD oils are so effective and potent, you won’t need as much to get the effects you need. This means a bottle of Blessed CBD oil lasts much longer than a less powerful brand’s where you may have to take several doses throughout the day (again, still depending on the severity of your conditions).

Alas, perfection is a myth. Here are a few things you may not like so much.

What Could Be Better?

  • Premium pricing

The price you pay for their CBD oil compared to other UK brands may be higher. This is because they use the best extraction method and create a high-quality product. The free shipping, however, does help to offset the higher price as well as the fact that a bottle lasts longer than the other brands.

  • Limited selection

Vaping oils are huge right now but you won’t find them with this company. In fact you won’t find high potency CBD gummies, bath bombs or capsules either – just CBD oil and cream. They purposely avoid producing lots of other CBD products because they don’t believe that’s their gift. Noble, but it is a bit of a bummer.

Why is CBD oil so popular?

CBD oil is extremely popular in the UK because it has shown to provide a ton of health benefits. It is a compound naturally found in hemp plants and once it is extracted from a plant, it is mixed with a carrier oil (grapeseed oil, hemp seed oil, MCT oil) and is then ready to be used.

This highly sought-after oil has the ability to help with a various symptoms stemming from a wide range of medical conditions like depression, anxiety, insomnia, epilepsy, pain, inflammation, and stress.

Oils, or tinctures, are the most popular form of CBD and can be taken by placing a few drops under the tongue (sublingual) or by adding it to drinks or food. For the best results, taking it daily is recommended.

What makes a high-quality CBD oil?

Many people fall into the old trap that high price = high quality.

In this industry, that couldn’t be further from the truth. When looking for CBD oil, the best ones are going to have the following qualities in common.

  • CO2 Extraction Method

Though the industry is loosely regulated, the one thing everyone has agreed on is that CO2 extraction is the very best way to remove CBD from hemp plants. Using this method results in an oil that is purer and cleaner than other methods.

Many manufacturers avoid using this process because it requires a greater amount of skill and is more expensive. An oil will probably cost a little bit more, but you are paying for an oil that is safe to consume.

  • Organic Hemp

Hemp naturally absorbs the materials in the surrounding environment. Basically, that means that chemicals or toxins in the soil or air are going to end up in the hemp and in the CBD oil that it produces. That’s why it’s important any oil you buy uses organic, non-GMO hemp, preferably sourced from the EU or the United States. Both have strict regulations for cultivating the plant.

  • Potency & Effective

There’s not much to say about this. It needs to work and work well.

  • Independent Testing & Lab Results

Once again, due to the lack of regulations, there is no one forcing these companies to disclose what’s actually in a bottle of their CBD oil. A trustworthy company will give you this information, however. A report verifies the amount of CBD, THC, chemicals, and other cannabinoids in the oil.

Only companies that have lab reports posted on their site or send them to you upon request (with no fuss) are worthy of your money. Brands with nothing to hide don’t mind backing up their claims with evidence.


Definitely a “don’t judge a book by its cover” type situation, Blessed CBD has made its name heard throughout the UK’s CBD industry by producing an oil that is strong, effective and high quality.

For all the brands claiming they are the best, this is one of the few that sits back and let’s its customers do all the talking for them.

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