We know what happened. You were experiencing the amazing benefits of CBD oil for yourself and looked over at your dog or puppy and wondered if something existed to help with your pet’s issues. It’s very true that a dog and its owner are very similar! Not to worry – you can now buy the top-rated CBD dog treats for your pet and also give them the opportunity to experience the wonderful benefits of CBD! Here are the best CBD dog treats (updated for 2024).

Best CBD dog treats

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1. HolistaPet – Organic CBD Dog Treats


holistapet cbd dog treats


Cupon 2021

100% natural, non-GMO and organic, HolistaPet takes pride in their products and that in itself is a huge win for your pup.

All of these treats contain excellent quality CBD oil but they are so much more than just CBD oil. Depending on the formula you choose, expect super-foods like flaxseed which promotes a healthy coat and skin and hemp seed powder, a great source of protein and omega fatty acids.

The great thing about this product is that it can be purchased in different formulas based on what your dog needs in 3 awesome flavor combinations:

  • Pumpkin Spice & Cinnamon: for joint, flexibility or mobility issues
  • Blueberry & Sweet Potato: for allergies, heart and immune system issues as well as general wellness
  • Green Apple & Peanut Butter: for relief from stress and anxiety

Though there is a slight difference between ingredients in each variety, you simply cannot go wrong with any option. High-quality CBD oil combines with high-quality ingredients that boost your dog’s quality of life and his health.

2. Honest Paws – Peanut Butter Flavored Dog Treats

honest paws cbd dog treat

Honest Paw Coupon 2021Honest Paws is a top quality brand that can’t be recommended enough and is quickly becoming a favorite among dog owners.

Made with healthy, simple and high-quality ingredients, you’ll get a full spectrum CBD oil, MCT oil, organic eggs and of course peanut butter (also organic).

These particular treats will calm nervous pups and soothe their anxiety, making alone time at home or the ride to the vet much easier.

If you have one of the few dogs in the world that don’t like peanut butter, check out the other two flavors Honest Paws offers.

What the Quitnet team loves most about this product is it’s effective plus it comes with three different levels of potency – you’re sure to find the right formula for your dog’s size.

3. King Kanine – King Kalm Krunch Pet Treats

king Kalm crunch

Another high-quality product dog owners have had great success with, King Kanine’s King Kalm Krunch cookies blend the benefits of CBD oil with a pile of other nutrients.

You don’t have to wonder what’s in these snacks your dog will go crazy for. All-natural ingredients, vitamins, and omega-3 oils are used and designed for optimal effectiveness. You can find these treats in three flavors: Apple & Cinnamon, Blueberry and Honey Oats

King Kanine offers a full spectrum CBD, giving your dog or puppy tons of active cannabinoids and terpenes besides CBD. The company uses one of the best methods to create their CBD making it easy to trust their products.

If you are looking for a daily supplement for your dog, King Kalm Krunch is a good choice. The additional ingredients will provide your dog with macro and micronutrients sure to keep your dog healthy and that tail wagging.

What we like best about King Kalm Krunch is how easy they make it to give the right dose to your pet. Some of us at Quitnet get a little more worked up giving our dogs the right CBD dosage than others and appreciate any product that isn’t very strict about when dosages have to happen. Definitely worth the peace of mind.

4. HempMy Pet – Organic CBD Dog Biscuits

hempmy pet organic dog biscuits

Made by veterans of the industry, HempMy Pet dog biscuits are made with the best hemp from Colorado, is created in small batches, and is lab tested. You do not have to worry one bit about pesticides, GMOs or chemical fertilizers.

Every ingredient is organic and comes with guaranteed percentages of fiber, fat, and protein. Again, they use full-spectrum CBD which encourages the entourage effect (more on that later). Packaged in 2mg for smaller dogs and 5mg for larger breeds, these delicious biscuits are something your pet will definitely enjoy.

Though a bit on the pricier side, they seem to be a favorite with a lot of people. Effective and delicious, owners have used these biscuits with great success to treat their pets’ arthritis, anxiety, and even seizures.

What really floors us about this product is its all-over quality. These are 100% human-grade quality. So if you need to convince your dog to give them a try (you won’t), you could eat them (please don’t).

CBD for dogs

Many pet owners unfamiliar with CBD struggle with whether or not they should give their pets CBD, wondering if it gets them high or if this alternative medicine even works.

Common Question: Will my dog get high from CBD?

CBD does not get you or your dog high, only THC does, and CBD is made specifically removing the THC.

CBD is an amazing, natural alternative to synthetic medications or supplements that can help promote your dog’s overall quality of life.

Consider trying CBD for your dog if he/she suffers from chronic pain, stress or inflammation, behavioral disorders, loss of appetite (due to treatment or surgery) or if you simply want to keep them as healthy as they are right now. Using CBD for pets is a highly recommended alternative to using painkillers and opioids (which sometimes come with nasty side effects).

cbd oil for dogs

CBD Oil, Treats, Or Biscuits?

Yup, CBD oil is available for pets. It will come in a bottle with a dropper and you’ll need to put a few drops under your dog’s tongue or you can add it to their doggy treats.

Because of the bitter flavor CBD oil naturally has, of course, some dogs are not having it. People talk about cats being picky eaters, but those people must have never had dogs.

cbd oil for dogs

A dog’s rebuke of bad food is almost soul-crushing, (at least for some of us at Quitnet) and yummy biscuits help your dog get the benefits of CBD without the struggle of getting them to take it and without making you feel bad.

Your dog already loves you a little bit more. We can feel it.

How to find high-quality CBD dog treats

Here at Quitnet, we take all things related to CBD very seriously. Many companies have no problem selling ineffective or harmful products and taking your money. We hold high standards for what we put inside our dogs’ and our own bodies.

Before you get caught up in flavors, shapes, and dosages of treats, it’s important that whatever product you’re feeding your furry friend is effective and safe.

Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Check if it’s actual CBD oil:

As CBD dog treats explode in popularity, you have to be careful not to put your dog’s health in the wrong hands. Companies are ready to take advantage of the loose regulations and standards in this industry.

Anything labeled “hemp-based”, “hemp oil” or “hemp-infused” should put you on alert immediately. Manufacturers trying to get around regulations use this kind of language to distract from the fact that their products do not contain CBD oil.

You see, it’s easy to label a product with the terms above, but it’s quite another thing to actually have high enough cannabidiol levels that will have a noticeable effect on your pet and its condition.

If you cannot verify the amount of CBD in the treats, don’t even bother spending your money on them.

  • Best: CBD amounts clearly visible
  • Good: Hemp oil containing CBD, CBD-containing
  • Don’t risk it: Hemp-infused, hemp-based, hemp oil, hemp seed oil

Different types of CBD oil:

Tons of products exist and will work to varying degrees. Because you love your dog, you’ll want to give them a product that is effective. To do this, the kind of CBD oil will play a role.

You’ll see full spectrum CBD oil or CBD isolate. Both will work but one is regarded as better than the other.

If a product contains CBD isolate, it only has CBD in it. Full spectrum CBD refers to the terpenes and cannabinoids (besides CBD) also found in the hemp plant.

Hemp and cannabis plants have over 400 active ingredients. Full spectrum produces the “entourage effect” which is multiple ingredients working together for even more beneficial effects than CBD alone can offer.

  • Best: Full spectrum CBD
  • Good: CBD isolate
  • Don’t risk it: Not clearly labeled CBD at all

Organic, clean sourced hemp:

Nope, the Quitnet team does not believe everything has to be organic, but buying organic products matters more for certain plants than others. Hemp is one of those plants.

clean, organic hemp

It’s important that the hemp used to make any CBD product is organic because hemp absorbs anything and everything around it. It’s like a baby. If it is surrounded by rich, high-quality nutrients, that’s what it will suck in. However, if it’s surrounded by toxins, those too will be sucked up. Low-quality hemp produces low-quality CBD oil.

Hemp grown naturally and organically should also be free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and solvents. We don’t believe your dog should have to deal with any nasty metals or chemicals making their way into its body due to poor soil.

  • Best: Lab reports verifying organic quality (Colorado-sourced hemp)
  • Good: Organic on the label or no pesticides, chemicals, GMOs on the label
  • Don’t risk it: Unknown or not mentioned at all

The extraction process:

The best way to extract oil from hemp plants is using a CO2 extraction process (1).

CO2 extraction process hemp

Unfortunately, due to the lack of industry standards, many other methods are also used that may degrade the purity levels of CBD oil.

The CO2 extraction method is more costly, complex and requires more skill to execute than any of the other methods. It also helps the oil maintain a high level of quality.

This is the gold standard in the industry and you’ll want to choose a company that uses this method when possible.

  • Best: CO2 extraction
  • Good: Olive oil extraction
  • Don’t risk it: Ethanol or any solvent extraction

No detectable THC:

CBD extracted from hemp will usually contain less than 0.3% THC, but try to choose a product that says there are no traceable amounts found. Dogs react differently than we do and even trace amounts of THC can affect them negatively.

  • Best: No detectable THC
  • Good: Less than 0.3% THC
  • Don’t risk it: Anything above 0.3% THC (if you find a company doing this, you may want to consider reporting them for animal cruelty)

Third party lab results and transparency:

The Quitnet team cannot talk about transparency enough. There are too many great companies working hard for your pet’s health and wellness, so don’t settle for anything less than a brand that is honest and upfront with you.

Never – seriously never! – buy a product before looking at the Certificate of Analysis (COA). This will tell you everything you need to know including CBD levels, THC levels, pesticides, and GMOs. Look for high levels of CBD and 0% THC (2).

Certificates of Analysis

While it’s true every company doesn’t test for the same things, most do. If a company claims to care so much about your pet, producing a COA is how they back that claim up.

If you cannot find any lab results on a company’s site, hit that ‘X’ at the top of the tab and move on. Companies with nothing to hide tend not to hide anything.

So now… you’ve waded through the sub-par products and you have a few doggie treats you’re looking at. Fantastic! Now you can focus on your dog’s needs (and yours) concerning the kind of CBD pet treats that are perfect for him or her.

Ingredients in the CBD:

Keep your dog happy by choosing natural products when you can. They have sensitive stomachs and will appreciate the lack of gluten, dairy, and GMOs. Treats made with few and simple ingredients are going to be the healthiest.

The CBD brands we mentioned in this article are dedicated to creating products that are 100% natural, organic and vegan. Best of all, they are tasty.

A key ingredient that lets you know the company and treats are worth a try is MCT coconut oil. Your pet’s body cannot absorb CBD without help and this carrier oil, high in fat and lauric acid, is the best oil for the job.

The faster the CBD can get into your dog’s body, the faster he will be relieved of the pain or stress. You can also use these CBD dog treats for anxiety.

Yes, we are harping on all-natural products, and you can take it with a bit of salt. One or two non-organic components isn’t the worst thing in the world, but do try to minimize the number of ingredients in your dog’s treats that are not natural.

We know you don’t want to add too many unnecessary calories to your dog’s diet. We’d never do that to Mr. Wiggles, she’d hate that. Yeah, we like to keep it interesting here at Quitnet!

Taste and scent:

There is nothing worse than buying treats your dog turns its nose up at. They can sense when something about that milk bone or bacon strip is off and will leave it and you where you stand.

Or what if you have an older dog stuck in its ways and will only eat those awful processed treats your ex got them stuck on? A pungent, delicious smelling treat will go a long way to pique the interest of your stubborn friend.

The best thing you can do is read reviews, looking out for those that describe your dog’s breed or habits. With tons of flavors, shapes, and textures you should have no trouble finding a yummy, healthy treat.

cbd oil for dogs

If your dog has refused CBD oil, this is kind of the whole point of the treats, right?

Range of flavors:

Some of you have some very picky little eaters.

Imagine finding some doggie treats that have passed the basic tests. The company is transparent, has well-priced treats and lab results are posted on the site. You’re excited for your dog to try the treats, but as he starts to chew, you can already tell he hates it before he lets it spill out of his mouth.

How disappointing.

Let’s not pretend researching products and brands isn’t time-consuming. The Quitnet team always appreciates options and any doggy treat that comes in multiple flavors saves time and energy. If your dog doesn’t like one flavor, having another one to try is a relief.

Purpose of CBD dog treats for pets:

There are so many options, it can overwhelm you trying to figure out if certain cannabis dog treats or biscuits will be effective for the particular reason your dog needs it.

Products clearly meant for immune systems or chronic pain take the guesswork out of choosing for you.

Treats made particularly for dogs dealing with stress and anxiety or soreness give you more confidence that the biscuits or treats you feed your dog will provide them the relief needed.

Brands with product-specific treats really make you feel like they care (well, they put the Quitnet team at ease). The products are also usually formulated and tested by experienced veterinarians.

Easy dosing and administering:

Just like any supplement or medication, giving the right dosage of CBD is very important.

The best brands have charts, timetables and directions to on the appropriate amount of treats to give your dog per day, for effective yet safe dosing.

Many of the directions give you strict directions based on dog weight and the dosage varies by brand. For the more forgetful owner, find treats that are less strict about the way you give your dog its CBD treats and focus more on how to make sure your pet gets the most out of the treats.

Range of strengths and potency:

The more specific a product is, the better. Finding a formulation for your size dog means you don’t have to double up on treats (calories) or break them in half.

Not a make or break here, but it is a nice convenience.


With so many options currently available and much more sure to come, it’s easy to be overwhelmed, make the wrong choice or simply go into analysis paralysis and never get any.

A quick reference to our Quitnet guide each and every time will remind you of what’s actually important when choosing an effective treat that improves the health and happiness of your dog.

The next time you are looking for the top CBD dog treats, you’ll be able to confidently buy a product made with your pet in mind.