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The Value And Significance Of CBD Use

The market for CBD has grown significantly throughout the past several years. Because of CBD products’ accessibility, you need to be aware of the quality of the products sold and the misinformation you may be exposed to.

The QuitNet team operates with various medical professionals, organic health experts, talented cannabis farmers, and CBD users. Our team utilizes the vast experience and knowledge from multiple experts to provide advice and recommendations for all consumers.

The main priority that drives the QuitNet team is to focus on the primary uses, restrictions, and allowing unbiased reviews regarding CBD manufacturers.

The QuitNet team operates successfully by upholding strict accountability values for all of its products as they are placed on the market.  All products meet a standard where their information is reliable and accurate to help you make a secure purchase.

The CBD industry today

Cannabis as a whole has been written off as an issue, gateway drug, and a persistent problem. CBD was written off with it and labeled as something not worth time, effort, or research. In developed countries and nations, CBD was seen as a problem and left completely unregulated even as it gained popularity as a supplement for helping with any issues.

While the market went unregulated and unwatched, poor-quality products have now made their way into the system. This can be misleading and even dangerous if the products turn out to be contaminated.

The QuitNet team aims to expose these poor-quality products and manufacturers while simultaneously pushing good-quality products to the population in general, furthering CBD supplements as a solution.

While exposing poor-quality products and manufacturers, QuitNet also aims to bring to light companies that are pushing the boundaries and seeking great solutions to today’s problems. These companies bring together top-notch products and great manufacturing practices to give their customers an excellent experience.

CBD expertise

With all of the misinformation floating around out there, it can be hard to tell what’s true, scientific, and effective. The QuitNet team is dedicated to bringing its audience customers all the information they need to make a safe and effective decision.

Our team of medical health experts and CBD writers spends time and energy researching all the news and reports surrounding CBD. With backgrounds in medicine, health, and wellness, they know how the scientific process works and can bring it to their audiences in ways that are easy to understand.

Each of the users guides that QuitNet creates, offers insight for anyone, no matter their experience. Taking the time to write and create so that anyone with any background can understand is a hallmark of what QuitNet wants to do.

Assessing CBD companies

CBD on its own is a great supplement but even from its growth and creation, not all CBD is created equal. The plants that are grown, practices used to grow and create the products, and the way those products are sold are all varied from company to company.

While there are many and more companies and products on the market that offer great benefits, there’s a wide range of products and companies that are low-quality masked as a higher quality product. What’s written on the label may not line up with what’s in the bottle.

Deciphering which companies are offering a quality product can take time and research and the QuitNet team seeks to do the legwork for you so you can make a great choice every time. Some companies may not package their product right, others start sour, cutting their hemp with other products that can make customers sick. Let us research so you can choose what’s best for you and your family and keep your peace of mind!

Above all else, the quality of your CBD is what needs to be considered. All the labels, advertising, and hoopla in the world won’t make a difference if your CBD isn’t what it needs to be. The QuitNet team is working hard to use our core values to shed light on an industry that can have some shady characters.

Our core values

By following our core values, we shed light on what companies offer quality products as well as others that may be trying to pull the wool over the eyes of their consumers. Each of our core values helps guide our writing and research as we attempt to provide you and your family with the best information and products on the market.

  • Quality

Starting with the processes of growing the plant, quality is the most important factor when it comes to cannabis consumption. If the hemp plants start contaminated, your product won’t be any good. By following the process from seed to product at your home, we seek to find only the best, highest-quality ingredients and products for you and your family.

  • Transparency

Any company can claim they have the highest quality ingredients and products but it’s a whole other thing to prove it. The QuitNet team is always on the look-out for companies that can back up their claims with lab-tested results, organic farms, and products that test well. Having reliable third-party lab results available is a hallmark of a great product and companies that our team trusts time and time again.

  • Innovation

From a relative unknown to a household name, CBD and the industry around it has sparked seemingly overnight. With the market changing and growing so rapidly, companies that continue to develop and innovate are essential. Our team is always looking for companies and products that are different, effective, and tested for quality. By looking to innovate rather than make a quick buck, these companies are on the cutting edge of CBD innovation and continue to move the whole market forward.

  • Corporate mission

Companies that give back to their communities and have a strong sense of corporate integrity are key to moving CBD production forward. By reaching out to those who benefit the most from their products and offering programs for those customers, companies prove that they’re more invested in taking care of their customers than simply making money. This type of corporate integrity is crucial in the CBD marketplace and puts those companies and corporations in the lead.

  • Inventiveness

When you’re in the health industry, whether that’s primary health or supplements, you’ve got to have a good grasp on the way your product works and interacts in the body. CBD companies that are looking to invent and test, making their products more applicable to more people are leaders in the market and help push CBD forward as a natural solution to a variety of issues. By narrowing up and applying CBD to new diseases and issues, companies show they understand how health and science work together. Casting a net too widely can lead you with nothing to show for your effort.

Whether you’re just starting out researching CBD or you’ve been using it for a while, having a team of people to help you research and study out the quality and transparency of a company is a great benefit. Join up with the QuitNet team and follow along with us as we research the CBD products and companies that you’ve come to love!

The QuitNet Team Members

The QuitNet team requires a wide variety of staff that is well educated and trained in providing content relating to health and medicine. All of these team members have a working education and understanding of research and studies relating to CBD. This makes every member a valuable asset that helps express reliable and trustworthy information to the general public.

Dr. Ajay Rajesh, M.D.

Also founder of the CBD knowledge base, Hypothesis Journal, Ajay Rajesh has a bachelor’s degree and is the operating editor in chief and co-founder of the QuitNet CBD resource. His experience for this team is a degree in Health Sciences from Western Herbal Medication. Ajay Rajesh also has a Diploma of Certified Emergency Medicine for chief care paramedics. After traveling and working in South America, Ajay moved to explore Japan, where he was educated in herbal health options. During this period, he spent hours looking through medical content and textbooks. He analyzed and uncoded the interactions of the complicated relationship between the physical body and plant-based compounds. Ajay found a consistent element that was prevalent in these studies: CBD. Over the past three years, Ajay has studied CBD’s significant changes in your body and the various limitations CBD has. He has also studied the positive effects CBD has on your overall health. Ajay’s goal for the QuitNet team is to provide a benchmark that assesses quality CBD products.

Susana De Los Santos, M.D.

Susana Santos is the QuitNet team’s medical reviewer and cannabis educator. Santos has experience working as a medical doctor and completed a Master’s certificate in Chinese Medicine. Santos’s experience consists of working as a health doctor, acupuncturist, and a certified yoga teacher in Monterrey, Mexico. Santos worked during her first years as a doctor at a pharmaceutical business. Santos found her passion for working with natural medical methods that include acupuncture, herbs, and other natural remedies to improve health conditions. Around four years ago, Santos analyzed more deeply the significant health benefits of Chinese Medicine. She became significantly invested in the various health advantages of the different cannabis plants. Santos’s work with the QuitNet team is assessing and reviewing the most pertinent and relevant evidence about CBD and other cannabis-based plants. Santos works to allow this information to be carefully delivered to customers through this site. Santos remains passionate about traveling and maintaining her yogi lifestyle. She believes in an equal balanced diet to stay healthy.

Carlos G. Aguirre, M.D.

Carlos Aguirre is a medical reviewer for the QuitNet team. He is a medical doctor in pediatric neurology and is a published author of medicine in the CBD and pediatric neurology field. Aguirre is a neuropediatrics professor graduate. He is officially certified by the Mexican council of the science of Neurology. After completing his doctorate, Aguirre became fascinated with the increased CBD use for epilepsy in children. He has published many papers that review this particular topic through his work at this hospital. Aguirre’s other clinical research focuses on more relevant conditions. These health conditions include autism, epilepsy, and other neurological disorders treated with medicinal cannabis. Aguirre’s general role for the QuitNet team is to evaluate and fact-check, while determining the proper medical articles that are accurate and scientifically based.

Abraham Benavides, M.D.

Abraham Benevides is a medical reviewer for the QuitNet team. His medical field experience includes working as a doctor of medicine with a certificate in health policy. Benevides obtained a bachelor of arts in biology and is the foundation of CANMIG. CANMIG is a medical cannabis training program for doctors. Benevides’s country of origin is Costa Rica. He is the child of immigrant parents born in Queens, New York, and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. Benevides attended the University of Boston and studied biology and business administration. After completing his studies, Benevides moved to George Washington University School of Medicine on a full-tuition scholarship. After completing his doctorate program, he was a driver to educate the general public about medical cannabis. The Cannabis as Medicine Interest Group or CANMIG works to express and spread physician training knowledge and awareness. CANMIG promotes and delivers high-quality cannabis education to doctors in training at George Washington University. For the QuitNet team, Benevides’s goal is to promote quality articles that are interesting to read and offer real scientific evidence that is accurate.

Tracey Roizman, DC

Tracey Roizman fills the QuitNet’s team of quality medical writers and educators. Roizman is a professional chiropractor that obtained her degree in biochemistry. She also trained after completing her bachelor’s program in neurology clinical training. Along with her healthcare experiences, she is also a freelance writer specializing in the CBD field. She operates as an editor that has two decades that display her expertise. Her writing demonstrates her academic and clinical knowledge in a variety of areas. Her main areas of interest include: Orthopedics, Exercise Physiology, Neurology, Cardiology, Immunology, Clinical nutrition and Gastroenterology. Roizman is passionate about CBD’s powerful health benefits that are just starting to scratch the surface. She enjoys researching the various health topics and conditions that CBD positively affects. Her overall goal is to improve the writing for the QuitNet team, allowing consumers to make the wisest decision to enhance their current health condition.

Donna Riley, BHSc

Mental and physical health goes hand in hand and no one knows that better than Donna Riley. After spending 14 years in the Royal Australian Air Force, she immersed herself in the veteran and first responder communities and has seen how physical and psychological trauma goes together. While working as a Clinical Nutritionist, Donna works hard to provide her patients with the most up to date information and products available. CBD is one of those products that Donna has seen do wonderful things for her patients as they’ve processed through their past trauma. Not only does it help balance mental health but works hand-in-hand with physical health to provide a great well-balanced lifestyle. Her interest in CBD came from seeing how cannabis could be a great supplement for mental health and an alternative to the heavy pharmaceuticals that were commonly used. As her home country of Australia lags behind the rest of the developed world regarding laws about CBD, Donna has been fighting to get medical cannabis into the hands of people who need it. Her work on the QuitNet team focuses on providing top-notch information to our readers so they can make healthy lifestyle choices for both their mental and physical health.

Milana Potter, BA

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Milana has found herself in the hub of Canada’s active cannabis community. To help shape and guide the community, Milana turned her writing and editing skills toward creating informative articles and resources for her audience focusing on cannabis education and startups. Before turning to write about cannabis, Milana worked as a writer and editor in several different industries. This has given her a wide-ranging perspective and brought her back to writing about her passion: health and wellness. Over the past three years, she has exclusively been focusing on this area and it’s brought her to talk about CBD and cannabis benefits for consumers! Her recent work includes writing for the QuitNet team on how CBD can help benefit readers’ health and wellness in all areas. Milana enjoys getting out and experiencing Vancouver’s wild outdoorsy side and helping others explore their creativity through the arts.

Anada Apinya, MS

As the daughter of an orthopedic surgeon growing up in Taiwan, Anada knew she wanted to pursue science, even from a young age! She started out pursuing veterinary studies but switched over to microbiology when she discovered that animals caused her allergies to flare up. After working in labs around the U.S. for several years, Anada switched to teaching science in a variety of schools all across the country. For eight years, she taught in public, private, and boarding or special education schools across the U.S. Anada has enjoyed working with students but made the switch within the last year to work remotely! To bring together her love of science and teaching, Anada has made the switch to writing and editing about scientific topics, specifically CBD. As part of the QuitNet team, Anada focuses her writing on content research surrounding CBD. By diving into the research and sharing her findings, she gets the chance to combine her love for science and a desire to share all of it with the world!

Warren Parker, BCom

Warren has spent the last few years focusing on writing about all things cannabis including the laws and regulations, effects of CBD on the body, and all of the ways it can improve people’s day-to-day lives. After penning over 300,000 words on the subject of cannabis, Warren has a great grasp of the way the world, laws, and cultures view cannabis and its uses. By writing remotely about all things CBD, Warren has been able to travel all around the world. Visiting places like Australia, Germany, Sweden, and Thailand has given Warren great insight into how other cultures and countries treat and govern CBD usage. The legalization of marijuana in Canada led Warren back to Vancouver to pursue a career in the cannabis industry. As part of the QuitNet team, Warren has reviewed hundreds of CBD products and the companies that produce them. If he’s not writing, Warren loves to ride his bike, hike, play Frisbee, and practice his guitar.

Katrina Moreno, BHSc

From the Indian Himalayas to the Bolivian Andes, Katrina has traveled the world researching traditional medicine and its benefits. As she’s traveled, cannabis became a recurring theme. With a background in writing, Katrina wanted to take what she’d been learning and share it with her readers to help them make healthy choices to improve their lives. Katrina has spent the last 5 years exclusively researching cannabis and its benefits. One element that has been lacking in the conversation surrounding cannabis is simply public education and information. Katrina wants to change that! As a current student studying Naturopathy, Katrina has insight into the way cannabis and other plants and natural substances interact in the body. Katrina is using her knowledge to write and share more information with the QuitNet team and the wider circle of doctors and physicians who are turning to cannabis to treat symptoms.

Alyx Vargas, BA

Alyx has always wanted to help people and when it came to her health issues as well as her families, the idea of CBD was life-changing. With a focus in school on Public Health and Community Development, Alyx pursues all the reasons why healthcare, education, and other lifestyle resources benefit communities and individuals. A genetic kidney disease called Polycystic Kidney Disease runs through her family and causes insomnia and restless leg syndrome. To combat the issues, Alyx tried CBD oil and slept like a baby for the first time in a long time! As a part of the QuitNet team, she pairs her personal experience and a willingness to help people with a passion for writing and researching to create in-depth, scientific-based articles for anyone who’s looking for a solution.